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At the Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition, we provide programs and services that support the health and well-being of young children, their families, and their communities.


The Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition, in collaboration with our Partner Agencies, offers the following free programs and services:

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Coalition Resources For Parents

Service Pathways This resource outlines services or agencies that are part of the EBFC, where parents and caregivers can get answers to questions about child development, nutrition, parentimg and pregnancy and can connect to a range of professional and other services in the Etobicoke Community.

Supporting Your Child's Social and Emotional Development Parents and caregivers support the social and emotional development of young children through relationships and play. These eight Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Play Statements provide parents with information and activities that foster self-regulation, positive thoughts, resilience, emotional development, well-being, empathy, communication and attachment.

Physical Literacy: Adaptability and Accommodation We look at ideas and ways to modify instructions, expectations, equipment and the environment to ensure that all children are included in physical activities and equally inspired to participate regardless of needs. 

Family Events

New EarlyON Child and Family Centres in Ontario

EarlyON is a combination of four programs – Ontario Early Years Centres, Parenting and Family Literacy Centres, Child Care Resource Centres and Better Beginnings, Better Futures.  

EarlyON centres are open to all families. They are welcoming places that offer a range of services:

  • Join fun activities – reading, storytelling, sing-alongs, games and more

  • Get advice from professionals trained in early childhood development 

  • Find out about other family services in your community

  • Connect with other families with young children

Find the location of an EarlyON Child and Family Centre near you

Helpful Links

Below are some additional resources that you may find useful:

  • City of Toronto Licensed Child Care Resources Toronto’s licensed child care system has over 1,000 centres and 19 home child care agencies providing early learning and care for children up to 12 years of age. The City supports quality programs which promote healthy outcomes for all children.  Site includes resources, a Childcare Locator and information on applying for subsidy.  

  • City of Toronto Parent Programs Going to a nutrition or parenting program is a great way to get information and support. Hearing from other parents/caregivers lets you know you are not alone as some of your concerns and experiences are shared by other parents/caregivers.  Some programs are offered in different languages and are available at various locations across the City.

  • Early Abilities – Speech & Language, Vision, Hearing Children begin communicating at an early age. They learn to use their vision, hearing, and speech skills to help them get attention, protest, request, comment, ask and answer questions.  When one or more of these skills are delayed or impaired, don’t wait and see.  

  • EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer free drop-in programs for caregivers and children from birth to 6 years old. You can learn and play with your child, meet people or get advice.

  • Reaching In, Reaching Out (RIRO) provides information, activities, videos and more to help parents and their children travel the road of life with resilience.


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